Memorial Day Weekend

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for all things summer right about now! Most of the weekend was spent relaxing with my little family. Saturday morning during nap time, I whipped up a delicious Peanut Butter Pie thanks to Skinnytaste! This has been a favorite recipe for many many years now! It's easy, and the... Continue Reading →

Mommy and Me Day

I wanted to extend the holiday weekend, so I took Friday off to spend some quality time with my kiddo, and we had a blast! We slept in, ran some errands, stopped by the park to swing for a quick minute, then  back home to the back porch where we got messy! We tried out Run... Continue Reading →

Bachelor Nation

I have a confession, I am a part of Bachelor Nation. Both my husband and I actually. Mondays are a big deal in our house. We started watching during Ali Fedotowsky's season and have been hooked ever since. Every Monday, we make appetizers and settle in for a hilarious night of ridiculous drama. It gives... Continue Reading →


Every once in awhile, I get one of those days. And they seem to be coming more often these days. I'm just in a funk. I have no energy. I just DGAF. I listen to mellow songs on repeat and wallow. (Chill Nation is life, btw.) It takes all the energy I have to finish... Continue Reading →

Sweet Weekend

How come the fun weekends always go by so fast? I thought I didn't have much on my plate, but I ended up packing it full of fun again. Who needs to relax anyways? I started out at the spa Saturday morning. Side note- May is the month to look for deals! I got Spafinder... Continue Reading →


After a crazy past couple of weeks of an injury, work travel, then being sick, I finally have some time to get back to the gym during my lunch breaks. I have to admit, I took a few weeks off because I was frustrated. Awhile back, I decided that my body was back to normal... Continue Reading →

First Mother’s Day

We kicked off Mother's Day weekend with friends at a local coffee shop. Then, Saturday night Hubbs made a bunch of appetizers for us, and we watched La La Land after baby girl went to bed. I'm not a huge movie person, but I LOVED this film! It just felt so different and unique. It... Continue Reading →

Work Travel Without Baby

I'm a working mom that breastfeeds. Spring is my crazy travel season, so to eliminate a lot of hassle, my husband and baby have been traveling with me for all of my work trips. Until this week. I had to take my first solo trip to Palm Desert, CA. I was a little nervous about... Continue Reading →

Palm Desert

What a fast week! I just got back from my first solo work trip without baby. That's a post in and of itself, so stay tuned for more on the mom front- but here's a little peek into what Palm Desert was like! This was a super busy trip, so honestly, I didn't see much... Continue Reading →

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