Orlando- Beach Day

With the way the flights and my conference laid out, we had one entire day free. We decided to take advantage of that and drive out to the coast for a day at the beach. We wanted a beach that was quiet, not something crazy busy like Daytona, so we settled on New Smyrna Beach.

It was still fairly busy, lots of resorts, but not horrible. We were able to drive out on the beach and park our car right there, so that was really handy for having the baby. The only bummer was that I didn’t find anyone renting beach umbrellas. We are a super sunburn prone family, so I was really nervous about all of that. I was the only one that had a slight sunburn- missed a few spots on my back with the suncreen- but otherwise a win!

Despite there being people around us, we had a nice chunk of beach all to ourselves. I knew I would be happy at the beach, but I was not prepared for how happy baby girl would be!

I don’t think this little lady could have had more fun. She took off crawling everywhere she could. She would have crawled right into the ocean if we hadn’t stopped her. She was covered in sand and happy as could be!

We picked up some snacks at a nearby Publix and had a nice little picnic next to the car. It was a fun day, and I already wish we could go back!

That night, we stayed in Lake Mary to be closer to the airport for our early morning flight. We had dinner at F&D Kitchen and Bar. I loved this little restaurant! The food was delicious, and the atmosphere was classy but chill. We got a few plates to share.

The Southern Fried Green Tomatoes and Short Rib Tacos were good. But the Fried Oysters were my favorite. Absolutely delicious!

This was a great restaurant, and the perfect end to a wonderful week in Florida!



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