I know, I know…

It’s been forever. I’m sorry.

Life has been a little overwhelming the last month or so. And continues to be, but I decided to just stop. Stop blogging. Stop thinking. Stop sleeping…. Ok, that may be a bit much but that’s what it’s felt like

I’m on a journey. I’ve determined it’s time for a career change- which is scary AF. But it’s time. And I’m starting to open up and let people know. The response has been so overwhelming. I feel empowered and encouraged. It’s nice to hear from others that you’re valuable. Especially when you begin to feel disposable in your current state. So, I’m taking some time to talk to lots of different people about lots of different things. And hopefully, I will find a new passion, a new path.

Home has also been a crazy place lately too. I know there are lots of big changes on the horizon and part of decision to make a career change is to also help alleviate some new life stresses. More to come on that as it develops and I begin to process it.

Baby girl is growing like crazy. She has two teeth, is furniture walking, and is starting to interact with everything around her so much more. It’s such a fun adventure. I am loving every second with her.

As for the travel front, things had been pretty quiet. I was thankful to have two solid months at home. Two weeks ago, we went to Orlando, so look forward to those posts coming up soon. A few other quick trips planned to Atlanta, New Orleans, and Louisville.

And then we’ll see from there. 🙂 So stay tuned. I’ll try a little harder at this thing.


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