Father’s Day

Father’s Day kicked off by whipping up some french toast for Hubbs while he slept in and relaxed. We had a relaxing morning at home, then after nap time, we headed into town for some fun.

First stop- Mother’s Brewery! I had the Blush which has Pomegranate and Hibiscus in it. Yum!

After Mother’s, we decided to check out Itty Bitty City. We’d never been, and it’s free on Father’s Day! Can’t beat that. This place was so much fun! It is a little city for kids- there are rooms for the police station, the zoo, a restaurant, a school, etc. Tons of items for imaginary play. There was even a small section for babies under 18 months.

Don’t worry- the ball pit was big enough to fit Dad too!

We found some fun tunnels to crawl through.

And Baby Girl loved the sensory boards inside the fire station!

There was also a fascinating water play area.

Baby girl had some serious fun!

We ended our visit back in the ball pit for a family selfie!

Then, Hubbs, bless his heart decided he wanted sushi for dinner. Love that man even more. Well, he decided to go to Haruno, and I almost stopped him because I thought they were closed on Sundays… I’m pretty sure they used to be… but to my surprise, they were open!

AND it was Happy Hour…. so we started off with Dynamite Tuna and Gyoza. AND they also gave all the dad’s a free beer. We totally scored with this stop and were in sushi heaven!

We both got the happy hour sushi plates and added on the Oh My God roll since we were celebrating Father’s Day!

Baby girl got to try lots of bits and pieces… some avocado, rice, and puffs via chopsticks. We had a blast!

So so thankful for my wonderful Hubby and all he does to take care of our little family. We are the lucky ones, and we had a great day celebrating him!


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