Dream Job/Budget

I’ve been thinking a lot about a career that would really enrich my life- something that encompassed everything I love to do but that might actually earn some money.

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Want to know what my favorite day of the week is? Well, obviously, Friday. But why?

Because that’s the day I get paid. And I’m not necessarily excited about having money. I’m excited about what I get to do with that money each week.

I get this ridiculous high from paying bills. I love making my money work for me, seeing where I can put it, setting goals, and meeting those goals. And, I love seeing where I can save money.

I use Mint.com (no, this isn’t an ad- but I wouldn’t complain if someone wanted to pay me!) to organize all my accounts, manage my budget, and set goals. It’s thrilling to look back in my history to see all of the goals that I’ve met over the last decade- goals like paying off student loans, saving for a trip to Europe, and purchasing a new heating and cooling system for our house.

I also have a running email where I plan out 6 months at a time with a budget set for each paycheck that I get. It looks a little bit like this. Please note these are completely fake numbers and not at all my personal information.

June 17: $1950
Weekly- 350 (Groceries, gas, meals out, and allowance)
Extra-500 (This goes to whatever goal I’m working towards next- saving for a vacation, paying off a loan, etc)

Currently, my email stretches out to October. I delete each week after I pay all the bills that Friday.

Anyone know of any jobs that would allow me to manage someone else’s finances- is this a business worth creating? 🙂 Or is it being outsourced to computer programs these days?Probably. Oh well. I’ll just keep handling my own budget and loving every second of it.


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