Anniversary Weekend- Part II

After our hike, see yesterday’s post for details, we cleaned up for dinner at Big Cedar. We started off at downstairs at Buzzard Bar for some drinks and appetizers.

I started off with my favorite- vodka soda.

Then, we had the appetizer sampler while we waited for our reservation upstairs at Devil’s Pool.

It had fried green tomatoes, fried pickles, fried jalapeno pieces, and hush puppies. I had originally wanted to order the appetizer of fried green tomatoes, but we got this instead. I’m glad because the tomatoes were really bland. All I could taste was the breading, so that was disappointing, but the fried pickles were delicious!

After relaxing for a bit downstairs, we headed upstairs. I kicked off dinner with a peach sangria. I’m not quite sure what kind of recipe they used, but it didn’t taste or look much like a sangria. It was way too sweet and thick for me.

So I ended up stealing quite a bit of my husband’s Johnny Walker Black. THAT hit the spot. DELICIOUS!

I had the Prime Rib for my entree. It was delicious! So was my side of malbec. Can’t go wrong with some beef and red wine. Yum!

After dinner, we took our drinks outside to enjoy the sunset and reminisce about a wonderful nine years together.

It was a gorgeous night out.

We watched the sunset from the deck. We made it up to the lookout point just in time to catch the last remnants of the sunset looking out over the lake.

I did have a fun time! And honestly, if you don’t stop up here to catch the sunset, you’re missing out. It’s so quiet and still- it takes your breath away.

The perfect end to a wonderful anniversary celebration with my love! To many, many more years!


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