Anniversary Weekend- Part 1

Last week, my husband and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. Holy cow, how time flies! Once the weekend rolled around, we were ready to do some celebrating!

We kicked off Friday night with a family trip to my favorite park- the one where our wedding reception was. In retrospect, I would totally get married outside in front of Giboney Cave if I could. This is one of my most favorite places in the entire world.

I love listening to the spring bubble and feeling the cool air seeping out of the cave. And it was so fun to enjoy it with my little family!

Saturday morning, we headed out on an adventure- just the two of us! Our first stop was some hiking at Busiek State Forest. I always forget about these trails, they are tucked just off the highway and super easy to get to.

And it’s so beautiful! I have a feeling we’ll be back with baby girl to play in this creek in a few weeks!

The trail starts out easy but is actually pretty strenuous once you get into it.

And my favorite part is having to cross the creek!

Another beautiful spot that I could sit at all day.

I’ll gladly take off my socks and shoes to ford the stream. But holy cow, those rocks hurt!

I’m glad I saw this sign at the end of our hike. I definitely heard something rustling around in the woods. I hope it wasn’t a bear!

After our hike, we did some shopping in Branson. Then cleaned up for dinner at another beautiful spot- BIG CEDAR!

This post is getting too long, so stay tuned tomorrow for details from our dinner at Big Cedar!



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