Mommy and Me Day

I wanted to extend the holiday weekend, so I took Friday off to spend some quality time with my kiddo, and we had a blast!

We slept in, ran some errands, stopped by the park to swing for a quick minute, then  back home to the back porch where we got messy! We tried out Run Like Kale’s Edible Sand Recipe and it was so much fun! Baby girl had a blast, and thankfully it’s edible because not only did it go straight in her mouth….

… our furry friend also couldn’t get enough!

Since we were already messy- I brought out some water toys that I picked up at Dollar General for $2.50 and filled a tub we had laying around the house with water for a makeshift water table. That helped get some of the sand off before bath time. 🙂

That wore baby girl out, and after splashing in the tub, she went down for a nap- which gave me just enough time to clean up before a friend came over. We chilled on the deck with some boxed rose and let the puppies play. Nap time doesn’t get much better than that!

That was a glimpse of our fun Mommy Daughter Day! A great start to the weekend!


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