Bachelor Nation

I have a confession, I am a part of Bachelor Nation. Both my husband and I actually. Mondays are a big deal in our house. We started watching during Ali Fedotowsky’s season and have been hooked ever since.

Every Monday, we make appetizers and settle in for a hilarious night of ridiculous drama. It gives us something to look forward to on a day that is usually pretty blah.

So we were pretty excited this Monday when the Bachelorette started back up!

Hubbs surprised me with champagne, and we made my favorite appetizers- Salmon Dip and Shrimp Cocktail Dip. We also threw in some leftover brie that we had on hand. Yum!

An even bigger plus- my child went to bed at 7 pm so I got to watch the entire show uninterrupted! What bliss!

The first few episodes are always a blur, and I have the hardest time learning all the contestants. I’m not even sure what I think of Rachel Lindsay at this point. I only managed to take one other picture during the show- and all I know is this was SUPER CREEPY.

Maybe someday I’ll do a recap but right now that is just way more effort than I can muster. So I figured just confessing I am a huge fan is good enough for now. Cheers until next Monday!


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