Sweet Weekend

How come the fun weekends always go by so fast? I thought I didn’t have much on my plate, but I ended up packing it full of fun again. Who needs to relax anyways?

I started out at the spa Saturday morning. Side note- May is the month to look for deals! I got Spafinder gift cards at 25% off and paired that with my spa’s monthly special. A 90 minute massage only cost me $60. Score!

I tend to frequent Nu Essence Spa. They recently remodeled, so I was excited to check out the renovations. They have a huge relaxation room now!

My one complaint with this place is that they don’t have a shower. I had to run errands afterwards and would have liked to wash the oil off. Baby wipes sufficed.

It was so nice to get some time to relax!

After the spa, I went to a lingerie shower for my stepsister. I haven’t seen this game before, but it cracked me up!

It was a beautiful shower! It got me excited for the wedding next week!

After the shower, I ran some errands with baby girl and of course had to make a stop at Starbucks. I wanted something interesting and refreshing, so I got the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher. It was delicious! Hit the spot!

After running around doing errands Saturday morning, I spent the rest of the weekend doing chores at home. And baby girl turned 7 months old! Umm… what!?! She couldn’t have been more excited.

I finally got some beautiful flowers for the back deck. I’m hoping all the stormy weather is past- I think we had at least three tornado warnings last week! Not okay.

We decided to head out for dinner on Sunday night this week since Saturday was so busy. Baby girl was all about the people watching. There was another baby at a nearby table, and she could not stop staring. I think we need some friends for play dates!

Hubbs asked if there was anything I wanted to do before we went home. We had a little bit of time before bedtime and the weather was gorgeous, so we drove to a nearby park for a nice stroll.

A perfect end to a wonderful weekend! Hope this weekend goes fast because I’m ready for a holiday weekend!


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