After a crazy past couple of weeks of an injury, work travel, then being sick, I finally have some time to get back to the gym during my lunch breaks.

I have to admit, I took a few weeks off because I was frustrated. Awhile back, I decided that my body was back to normal and that I could start pushing myself again. HA! Nope. I did one stroller run on a windy day and 1 mile seemed good. So the next week, I upped it to 3 miles. That was rough on me. Then the next day, I sprinted a mile to burn off some aggression. Then, my hips were all- HELL NO.

So I calmed down. I rested. I did some yoga. I procrastinated. Then, I went back to the gym. I can’t say I missed it honestly.

I stretched, easing myself into it. Yesterday, I did some weights then the elliptical. Today, I did more weights and spent some time walking outside on the trails to just soak up the sun.

I wandered into some baby geese! So cute… for five seconds until they grow up and become cranky.

I love this trail. I wish it were longer.

I’ve been struggling with anxiety a lot lately. I think it’s a mom thing, at least from what I read. Stay tuned for a post on that when I can summon the courage to write about it. But I have to say, easing back into working out is definitely helping. And warm weather and sunshine help too.

I also used my walk as a chance to use my Charity Miles app. It’s been far too long since I’ve used it. It donates money to charity each time you walk. It’s nice to contribute to a good cause when I can! I highly recommend downloading this app!

Happy Tuesday to you!


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