Palm Desert

What a fast week! I just got back from my first solo work trip without baby. That’s a post in and of itself, so stay tuned for more on the mom front- but here’s a little peek into what Palm Desert was like!

This was a super busy trip, so honestly, I didn’t see much other than the hotel- JW Marriott Desert Springs. I think this may be one of my favorite Marriott properties. I’ve been here once before and didn’t even get a chance to explore then. All I know is Palm Desert is gorgeous but HOT!

I’m guessing this is Colorado… but saw some snow on the way out. Crazy!

Also- is this the Grand Canyon? I’ve never been…

Hello, Palm Springs!

This was the view from my room. This view is all I need to know about Palm Desert really. Love it!

I had dinner at Tommy Bahama’s- another beautiful sunset.

Another highlight of this trip is that I got the chance to do sunrise yoga at the JW Marriott. Definitely a great way to kick off an insane run of meetings.

This is one of my favorite work dresses.

And even though it was super hot, I took the outside route to soak up the sun and the views.

We had a party by the pool one evening, so I went casual with white jeans.

I had dinner at Mikado before the party. It was delicious! They have some great sushi and green tea ice cream!

Time to head to the party!

I seriously love the events my industry puts on- so much detail and fun!

This party had synchronized swimmers, a frozen drink bar, a cotton candy bar, a smores bar- basically it was amazing. My teeth hurt just thinking about all the sugar.

More meetings all the way up to heading to the airport.

Also- pretty sure this is the sand dunes in Colorado. Has anyone ever been? I went briefly once many many years ago. It was neat to catch a glimpse from the air.

Very quick trip to Palm Desert- didn’t see much of it- but the mountain views and warm temps were all I needed. More details on how I handled the first trip away from baby to come!


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