Break Down

Sorry for the lack of posts last week, but I needed a break. I was on the verge of losing my mind, hit a wall, and realized I needed some time to decompress.

I took a morning and went out by myself for the first time in months. Talk about a breath of fresh air. And of course, my first stop was Target. #momming And they even greeted me with a Starbucks sample of the Unicorn drink. Thankfully, it was just a sample because I wasn’t really impressed. I don’t get the hype. At least it was pretty?

I kid you not, I spent 45 minutes staring at sippy cups in Target. Too many options. I was literally starting to make friends. Is this how you make mom friends? The baby aisles of Target? Ok! Anyways- I bought them all- for all ages. I’m super excited for the Contigo elephant one even though that’s a long way down the road. We’ll see how this all goes. I can’t believe it’s time for cups. I feel like we’re just now getting breastfeeding down!! Slow down, kid!

After Target, I went to Marshalls… where I told myself I wasn’t going to look at any clothes. I’ve been in the middle of purging my closet and didn’t feel the need to buy any more clothing. HA!

After doing some serious damage with clothing, shoes, and a new clutch- can’t stop, won’t stop- I realized I lost my keys in the store. No one had found them, so I kept walking the store – panicking more each time, until I found them underneath a clothing rack. What a relief- but seriously, I shouldn’t have looked at the clothes!

I rolled into the weekend with the same mindset of just relaxing. Lots of snuggles with baby girl!

Snoopy still isn’t a fan of her. But I think she’s growing on him.

Stay tuned for more- my husband and I actually went on a *gasp* date this weekend! And it was a blast!


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