The Run That Broke Me

Well, it took me a few bad runs to realize I was pushing my body to be ready for something it’s not. The past two weekends, I’ve gotten out and done a couple of stroller runs. The first one, I ran a mile and that went great despite being windy. The second one was also super windy, but I pushed myself to two and a half miles. Not the best idea.

I hit the gym Monday to stretch out my soreness with a nice Sworkit workout. That felt good!

The next day, I was really stressed at work, so I set out for a quick lunch run. No biggy, right? I pushed myself to run a little faster and a little further.

I’m not sure what happened. The run felt fine- but afterwards, I did not feel fine. For one, my pelvic floor muscles are still shot no matter how many exercises I seem to do. And I did something to my hip area. I’m not quite sure what, but I spent the next two days limping around in pain.

I am frustrated to say the least. I love running. I really wish I could get back out there and just feel normal again. Between the big(ger) boobs, pelvic floor issues, and now massive hip pain, I’m going to have to back off again for a little bit. It makes me sad, but I have to realize what my body went through 6 months ago and give myself a little grace. It wasn’t the easiest delivery, and my body  most likely won’t be the same again, so I need to keep that in mind and work to find something new that works for me.


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