Easter Schmeaster Weekend

My weekend kicked off with a dentist appointment… in which I found out I have my first cavity ever. Hello, 30. You’re an @$$. So, I cheered myself up with takeout sushi from Ocean Zen- thank you drive thru.


Friday night we celebrated a friend’s birthday. It was so nice to get together with everyone. I’ve been missing friend time lately. I had so much fun, I forgot to take many pictures. And the ones I did were wildly inappropriate.

Saturday morning, we were lazy, and it was heaven. Lots of baby and puppy playtime.

And we went out for our second stroller run, minus the dog this time. Second run in a row- it was SUPER windy, but we completed 2 1/2 miles, and baby girl squeezed in a little nap.

It was fantastic at the time, but man did I feel it the next day. Parts hurt that I didn’t even know could hurt, so I think I may have overdone it just a tad. I hit the gym today for a good stretch and that definitely helped.

We had a family dinner on Saturday night and that was it for our Easter celebration. It’s just a holiday that never registers on my radar. I didn’t even get baby girl an Easter basket, but that’s fine because she got a ton of clothes and treats from her grandparents.

Ended the weekend by cooking up some mushrooms and Juicy Lucys. Ok, I feel so backwoods with these mushrooms, but hey- it’s how I grew up. My dad found these who knows where and brought them over. Talk about a blast from the past.

I dipped them in egg then a combo of flour, cornmeal, salt and pepper, then fried them.

Pretty darn delicious!

The Juicy Lucys were made from ground turkey. I added some breadcrumbs, egg, spices, and stuck a slice of provolone inside. It would have been much better with mozzarella, but I used what I had.

Delicious dinner to end the weekend with! I’m home for the next couple of weeks before off on my first solo business trip. So thankful for some time to relax and that busy travel season is almost over!


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