So, we took off bright and early Monday morning for a quick work trip to Omaha, Nebraska. I’d never been, so I was excited to explore a new place. Sadly, 98% of my time was spent working, but here are the few things that I managed to get in!

Monday, I went straight to work events, but I came back to this sweet note and flower that evening.

Tuesday, I was able to get out for lunch at Block 16. I cannot recommend a restaurant enough. This place was DELICIOUS! I had the Croque Garcon Burger. It was a burger with ham, egg, and mustard. Interesting flavors I never would have tried!

But the real gem was the Duck Duck Goose Fries. I’m drooling just thinking about them. Oh man!!! Duck confit, cheese, mayo, and gooseberry sauce. So good! And the chunks of duck in there were legit! I’m missing these fries already.

I also grabbed this candy bar for dessert. Yummy!

Tuesday night, we took a street car to an event at the Henry Doorly Zoo.

Look how close I got to a lion!!!

Just kidding! We just went to the jungle section-no monkeys but tons and tons of bats and a hippo! It was fun to trek around through the big jungle room.

On the way back, the trolley driver pointed out some original Sears and Roebuck houses from the early 1900s. Sorry for the crappy photo but super neat!

After the zoo, we convinced the trolley driver to drop us off at Ted and Wally’s for ice cream!

It was a whimsical little store.

They had very unique flavors!

I had the glazed donut and cannot say enough good things about it. It was delicious!!

So these were the bits and pieces of Omaha that I got to experience. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised and would definitely love to get some more time to visit again and explore more of what’s in this little city!




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