Phoenix Day 8- AZA and Home!

After our cancelled flight, we finally made it home the next day without any other issues. Baby girl was very happy to be back with her toys, and we were happy to be back in our own bed. We all slept very well that night.

I did want to take a little bit here to give AZA major props on being so Mom friendly! Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport- you surprised me!

I found at least two Mother’s Rooms- one in baggage claim and one in my terminal. There may have been others too, but these are the two I found.

While I don’t mind nursing my child in public, this room was so relaxing. I actually had quite a big diaper incident, so it was great to have this calm space to take care of it!

I really appreciate this airport’s efforts, and I hope more jump on board soon. I know DFW has Mother’s Rooms, but I haven’t had the chance to check them out yet. And I’ll be flying alone with pumped milk next month, so stay tuned for more posts on how that whole process goes!

It’s nice to have Arizona in the books. On to the next adventure- Omaha, Nebraska!


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