Phoenix Day 5- Sushi

I was finally able to get away from the hotel for dinner one night. We hit the road without planning, and I found a pretty sweet little sushi spot on the fly- Pure Sushi. Thanks, Yelp! How did we find restaurants before you? If you get the chance, check them out- they have a great happy hour special!!

I started with the Pure Cool Cucumber. It was okay but the mint was a little too strong for my taste.

Then, we ordered a lot of different rolls. The Creamy Baked Lobster Roll was my absolute favorite. I could have eaten 5 plates of this!

I believe this was the Pure Crunch Roll- also yummy!

We also tried the Pork Gyoza… which is basically a steamed dumpling.

This may have been the Fire Dragon roll, not quite sure. This roll was a little too strong for me.

After sushi, we drove around a little bit, visited the Mesa Bass Pro Shops. I apparently forgot to take pictures. Then, we topped off the night at Slickables in Tempe. Love this concept! I chose two chocolate chip cookies with cake ice cream in between. It was delicious, but I think I would have preferred eating just the cookies instead.

We wandered around the neighborhood for a little bit- basically Arizona State University. Honestly, it made me a feel a little bit old and like it wasn’t the best place to be wandering around with a small child strapped to me. Lots of neat bars getting ready to open for the night, so you could tell things get pretty crazy there. Not quite my scene anymore- but great end to the night!


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