Phoenix Day 3- Brunch

After an exciting first couple of days in Phoenix, we slowed things down a bit to relax before I had to start working. Our friend left the next day, so we had one last meal together- brunch at OHSO.

Add this to yet another beautiful patio restaurant. I already miss eating outside!! I also loved all the dogs- this is the most dog friendly restaurant I’ve ever been to- including those in Europe! They had a station with disposable dishes that you could fill up with water for your dog.

OHSO has a beer brunch- so your meal comes with a free beer or mimosa. I quickly ordered a grapefruit mimosa. DELICIOUS! I paired it with the Avocado Toast, obvious choice, I know.

I highly recommend this place for a cheap brunch. They have some fun dishes like Fruity Pebble French Toast and basics like Avocado Toast- plus you can’t beat a mimosa too for under $15 a person!

After brunch, I headed back to the JW Marriott to start prepping for my meetings. We kicked off the conference that night, and I dove right into work, but I did wrap up the evening with a delicious fudge plate.

I pretty much worked nonstop the next couple of days, so look for some more room service food posts before some more adventures ramp up at the end of our trip!


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