Phoenix Day 2- Farmer’s Market, Pool, and Eats

The next day, we set out to the Farmer’s Market in Roadrunner Park. At first, I wasn’t sure about this since we go to the Farmer’s Market at home quite a bit, but it was neat to see one in a new area. They had so many different foods, everyone had their dogs, and it was just a neat experience that was unique to Phoenix.

I hadn’t had breakfast yet, so I snagged this pastry puff. I’m not sure what exactly was in it, but it was Mexican flavored and definitely hit the spot.

The next booth that caught my eye was Matcha Marketplace. I’ve heard so much about matcha from other bloggers, so I definitely wanted to try this sample. It was Blueberry Coconut Matcha Oatmeal. Even though my bag was close to being over the weight limit on the way to Phoenix, I grabbed a package of these to take back with me- it was delicious! It also inspired me to make a pitcher of green tea as soon as I got home!

I’m so glad we took time to explore this Farmer’s Market! After this, we went back to our hotel- the JW Marriott Desert Ridge- to relax at their pool. I’ve stayed at this hotel before but never got the chance to even see the pool area. Man- I missed out!

It was baby girl’s first time at the pool- and we did it up right. Our first stop was the lazy river. Sorry for lack of photos, but I was scared to get my phone near the water! I bought this neat little inflatable on Amazon for $5. Baby girl loved it- she was too distracted by the toy balls to realize she was in the pool, I think.

JW Desert Ridge had a dj pumping my favorite jams out at the pool too. I have to say, that was a favorite!! We had an absolute blast.

Also side note- the swimsuit is from Cupshe. The ads on Facebook finally got to me, and I bought it. It was pretty darn comfy and fit really well- a great swimsuit for a post baby bod.

We wrapped up the day in North Scottsdale at Jalapeno Inferno. This restaurant is in a neat little shopping area. I wish we had more time to explore it. My friend raved about Jalapeno Inferno’s sangria margarita, and it definitely was the best drink to end the day on.

We sat out on the patio. I loved the little fire feature that kept flaring up- kept us at the perfect temperature to enjoy our meal and the weather. I selected their special for the night- I believe it was a Lobster Quesadilla. Super yummy!

Jalapeno Inferno’s was a great place to wrap up the evening catching up with old friends over fun drinks and out in the gorgeous Arizona weather! Another great day in the books.


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