A Week in Phoenix- Hiking, Paddleboarding and More

Sorry for the week off! I found it’s just easier to blog when I come back. Travel is crazy enough adding in an infant. There’s definitely no time to blog on top of all that!

I had to work in Phoenix this past week, so we flew out a few days early to spend the weekend exploring and meet up with some friends.

This was the first thing to greet me in the Mesa airport. I had no idea how much I would come to love this room. Props to Mesa for providing these amenities for mothers. It was seriously a dream.

I honestly could have stayed in here forever, but Phoenix awaits!

Our first day in Phoenix was definitely my favorite. We started off at Papago Park. The weather was perfect. There were tons of trails, so we set out on the one that led to Hole-in-the-Rock.

I absolutely loved this little oasis.

I guess I’ve never really been out and about in Phoenix before- but all the cactus amazed me. Just look at them all over this mountain!

This hike wasn’t very long. I really wanted to do Camelback but didn’t have anyone to watch my child- so I chose a really short, but scenic hike instead. I had baby girl in the wrap, covered up in sunscreen and a hat, and she had a blast.

After our hike, we went to Tempe Town Lake. My friend had never been paddleboarding, and it’s been a year since I’ve been, so I jumped at the chance!

I absolutely love paddleboarding. It felt so good to just get out on the water, chit chat with one of my best friends, and relax in the sun. I even attempted a few yoga poses just for fun.

For dinner, my friend suggested Old Town Tortilla Factory in Scottsdale. All I heard was patio and margaritas, and I was in! I had the Blue Agave Margarita. It looked and tasted great but didn’t have much of a punch to it.

I believe I had the Old Town Tacos. They were pretty good. I’m not a huge fan of tacos- I just like to eat everything mixed together, more like a salad- so I dug into this plate just as it was.

I wish I had taken a few more pictures here- while the food and drinks were okay, the atmosphere was amazing. I loved sitting under the lights on the patio just soaking in the beautiful weather. We also took a little bit to walk around Old Town Scottsdale, which is gorgeous at night.

So basically, this was my perfect day- hiking, paddleboarding, warm weather, margaritas, and dinner on a patio- all with my little family and good friends. I honestly don’t think it gets much better. Stay tuned for more of my Phoenix adventures coming up later this week!


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