Sunday Adventures

The weather was gorgeous on Sunday, and I got a little stir crazy, so we decided to take a trip to the next town over- Marshfield, Missouri. I may have gotten baby girl a little too dressed up. I couldn’t resist….

We stopped by Orscheln’s first to check out Chick Days. Unfortunately, there were only a small handful of chicks. We picked one up for Ellie to see, but she wasn’t very interested. I was super bummed that there weren’t any baby ducks. Those are always my favorite!

After that, we went to Hidden Waters Nature Park. I have lived near Marshfield most of my life and had never heard of this park. I just found it searching the internet. I think it’s fairly new. I highly recommend it. It’s a small park but has some trails- and we ended up spending probably 45 minutes walking around in the sun and enjoying the fun trails! It was the perfect size park to hit up with the baby!

I tied Ellie to me in the Boba Wrap. And she LOVED it. She was giggling and screeching up a storm the whole time.

The little creeks were beautiful.

We had a blast!

We wrapped up the weekend with a low key night at home. The spring weather got to me, and I pulled out our new bedspread that I’ve been holding on to for the warmer weather. It was nice to freshen up our bedroom with something new.

And that was our weekend- a few busy days in the office this weekend, then we head to Phoenix. Stay tuned for more fun posts about all our adventures there in the coming week or two!


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