Mommy Daughter Day

I took the day of work Friday to spend with my daughter. It felt so good to have a day alone with her- like maternity leave all over again. Except this time, we are able to get out and about a lot easier.

First stop- Starbucks! I threw my normal selection out the window when I saw the sign for the Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiato. It was fun to try something new, and it ended up being so delicious that I’ve been putting almond milk and cinnamon in my coffee every morning since!

After coffee, we headed to Carter’s to do some shopping for baby girl. I stocked up on some onesies and an adorable romper. I was so excited to find these adorable sunglasses for our trip this week too!

I put them on her when I got home, and they were WAY TOO BIG. They fit me!! Then, I realized the tag meant 4-8 YEARS, not 4-8 MONTHS. #momfail I still haven’t gotten used to children’s sizing and how much it varies from item to item!

We also explored a few other stores and stopped by the new Ruby’s Market that just opened. Unfortunately, baby girl was getting a little hungry at that point, so we walked around pretty quick, and I didn’t get a chance to snap many pictures.

I was super impressed with the liquor section and the sushi samples! Can’t wait to check it out again soon.

Overall, I think we had a pretty fun day out together.




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