First Flights With Baby

Let me tell you what- flying with a baby is an adventure all of its own. We started by booking our flights to Tampa with Allegiant- not my favorite airline- but it was our only option for a direct flight, which we knew was essential for flying with a baby. I was not flying solo this time so that was a big help, I’m sure.

We got to the airport about an hour earlier than we usually do. Our airport is really small, so security here was a breeze. We took our car seat and stroller with us but checked them at the gate to minimize the amount of damage that might be done if we checked them with our bags.

I wore Ellie in a Boba Wrap through security and onto the plane. It was nice to be able to have my hands free. We had to pull out our formula and breast milk for them to test at security. Our home airport did this quickly, but St. Pete-Clearwater airport took forever. We also had to fold up the stroller and car seat and put them through the x-ray machine with our other bags.

Once we were on the flight, I tried to nurse her as we pushed back from the gate. She was in the middle of a nursing strike, so that was a no go. I ended up feeding her a bottle as we took off, then she passed out. She did really well for this flight.

When she woke up, we played with some toys and watched Daniel Tiger on our tablet. I fed her the rest of her bottle when we started to descend. Thankfully, the flights were around two hours, so we didn’t need to attempt diaper changes. I made sure to change her right before we started boarding and then again when we landed.

Overall, this flight was a breeze, and I was so proud of how well baby girl did! She must love to travel just like her parents.

The flight back was pretty similar in regards to security and take off. However, there were thunderstorms when we started our descent. The wind was so bad that the pilot had to abort the landing and approach again from a different direction. Talk about scary!! My heart was pounding, but baby girl slept through the entire thing. We even got some compliments from the people around us.

We fly again in a week, so I’m hoping that it’ll be just as smooth of an experience, but we will see!


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