Other Tampa Bits and Pieces

We spent the rest of the week in Tampa just working. Thankfully, my job has some pretty fun evening functions. Our group had an evening dinner at Busch Gardens. When we arrived, they greeted us with a sloth.

All I could think of was Kristen Bell. Have any of you seen this video? This clip made me love her so much more. Anyway, I got the pet a sloth! Thankfully, I didn’t completely lose my shit, but I was pretty darn excited.


Then we walked around to visit the lions and a hippopotamus. At the end of the night, our group took a safari ride. I’d say this was the highlight. Even though it was dark, we were still able to spot some animals. And a giraffe came up to our jeep. I got to feed it a lettuce leaf- such a fun experience! This giraffe looked super sweet.

So, Busch Gardens was pretty fun. Other than that, we only adventured out one other time- to In The Loop Brewery- with some friends. There was an amazing outdoor patio that overlooked the water. It was the perfect place to enjoy some delicious beer after a long day at the conference.

Definitely a fun week in Tampa- it was great to enjoy some beautiful weather and see some new sights. Thankful to be home for a week and a half before our next big adventure.



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