Saddlebrook- Tampa

Sorry for the lapse in posts- apparently traveling with a baby does not leave for any down time much less time to blog. We spent this week in Tampa, Florida at the Saddlebrook resort.

One thing I liked about this resort is the suite-style rooms. I was glad to have the family with me because I wouldn’t have known what to do with all this space on my own. I walked in the door to find a full size kitchen to my right.

The kitchen came in very hand. I spent quite a bit of time washing bottles at that sink! Much better than having to use a bathroom sink. And it was nice to have a refrigerator and microwave so that we could have our own food for breakfasts, snacks, etc.

Straight ahead from the kitchen was a dining room. Sad to say we didn’t eat at the table at all, but it ended up being a great place to stash all our junk when we walked in the door.

The dining room was combined with a living room area. There was also a door to a balcony. However, the balcony was not separate from other balconies. You could have walked along past all the other rooms. This was a little creepy- knowing that someone might walk past our open patio door at any time.

Then a separate bedroom. I was surprised to open one of the doors to find a huge walk in closet.

Baby girl settled in right away.

Though the room was nice and spacious, it was very dated. This place would be amazing if they did a little renovating. Our carpet was loose in places, the furniture was a little sunken in, and you could just tell that this place may have hit its peak in the 90s.

That aside, the grounds were gorgeous. I heard there were a few alligators on the property, but I never saw any.

Another interesting feature was this bridge. I had to walk over it every day to get to meetings- which was a little frustrating that there was not a direct path to the conference area from my room- but I took this chance to walk, breathe, take in the beauty around me, and relax.

I also got a chance to visit the spa. The entrance was beautiful with a nice water feature, but it was similar to the rooms in that it was a little outdated. I had a massage, but it was pretty mediocre sadly. The showers were ok. I didn’t stick around long enough to check out the steam room or anything. It seemed like a cozy little space.

Overall, Saddlebrook was an interesting place. It was a pleasant stay but could have been better if they invested in sprucing up the property.



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