I Suck at Recipes…

So, the weather has been gorgeous lately, and I got the guts to give running a go again post baby. That’s another post in and of itself… let me tell you what!


And after my runs, I like to make myself a smoothie. I pretty much make the same one every time. And I wanted to share it with you, but then I realized… I HATE MEASURING. So much so that I really just wing it. I couldn’t tell you the amounts if I tried. So… here’s what I use…


I basically just dump frozen banana (my grocery store sells old ones for 50 cents a bunch… so I buy them up and freeze them for smoothies!), spinach, almond milk, chia seeds, and peanut butter. If I want to change it up a little, I’ll add chocolate chips. Super healthy, I know, but hey- I just went for a run. And for this specific smoothie, I added brewer’s yeast to help with the milk production. Because this is mom life now.

I like my smoothie to be on the thin side, so I just keep adding almond milk and ice cubes until it gets to the consistency I want.

So, this is my recipe, in case anyone was curious. It’s delicious, I promise!


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