Is This Real Life?

I started the weekend with a little ME time by finally getting my hair cut! It felt like a trip to the spa! Studio 417 is the best. I highly recommend Katrina! She makes the whole experience fun- it’s like visiting an old friend. Plus, this weekend they had mimosas. Can’t beat that!

Then, I did some shopping. Alone time at Target- such a wonderful thing! And since my hair was pretty and not in a bun for once, I arranged a babysitter for the night and took Hubbs out on the town. We definitely needed a night out!

We started with our favorite… sushi at Kai. The service was a little slow, but we didn’t mind because we were kid free!! The sushi was good, but I was surprised to see spinach used as a garnish. That’s a first.

After that, we decided to check out a new brewery in town that I’d been hearing about- Lost Signal.

It was packed!! The beer was pretty good. I had a flight, so I got to taste a little bit of everything. The yellow wheat beer one was the best, in my opinion. Then, we got more food!

We tried the BBQ Nachos and Pork Tacos. They were pretty good. This place has some potential. The service was a little rough. We finally figured out that you have to order at the cashier even thought they gave us menus when we sat down at the bar, so it was a little confusing. I think once they get the kinks worked out, it’ll be a fun place to go!

Then, we finished off the night with donuts at Hurts.

It was a little weird not having our baby with us! We missed her, but she was in the best hands! We are so thankful to have great friends that want to spend time with her!

Sunday was a cozy, relaxing day at home. And much to my surprise, it snowed!! Missouri weather is super bipolar this year. It was 75 the day before then all of a sudden, huge snowflakes. I can’t handle the whiplash, but the snow was beautiful!

I took Snoopy’s lead the rest of the weekend. He had the right idea!

Another great weekend before next weekend’s big travel! Florida, here we come!


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