Work Wear

So I realized I have access to this great, private mirror at work every day… in the Milkbarn… so I decided to snap some outfit pictures every day this week to share.

Monday… I had that important meeting, so I “dressed up.” My favorite part of this and every outfit is my gold Elliot necklace. 🙂 The sweater is from Marshalls. I’m loving the color maroon this winter. Pants are from Dillards.

Tuesday… Sweater and pants are from H&M. I can’t quite remember where the top is from. Either Macy’s or Dillards.
Wednesday…. sweater is from Target. Pants from H&M.
Thursday…you can see that my level of caring is going down as the week progresses… Shirt from TJ Maxx, I think. Pants from Target.
ANNND Friday… I dressed up because it’s date day! My husband is in the office today, so we went to lunch at Houlihans! Shirt is from Marshalls, jeans are from Aeropostale. Yes, I wear small child jeans. And my fav Tory Burch earrings that you can barely see.
And that’s it. My office is pretty casual, but I dressed up for a meeting and my driver’s license photo on Monday, and I’d say that’s my favorite work look, but I normally don’t feel the need to put out that kind of effort when it’s just a normal day in the office.

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