Road Trip- Oklahoma City

I have to work in Dallas this week, so we decided to head down for the weekend. We stopped in Oklahoma City to visit some friends.

We kicked Saturday off with brunch at Kitchen 324. Delicious! I had this Rose Mojito. Oh man! So good!


Then, I had an eggs benedict that was made with green tomatoes. Again- SO DELICIOUS. I loved this place!
I also snuck a bite of Hubbs’ lox. It was also delicious!
After brunch, we walked a couple of blocks over to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. I’ve always wanted to visit, so I’m glad we finally got the chance. Oklahoma City Bombing is one of the first tragedies I can remember watching on tv as a kid. I think this is the reason that any time a horrific event happens, I’m glued to the news trying to piece together what happened and why.
It also breaks my heart to remember the children that died. Having a kid totally changes your perspective, and seeing the memorial for the children made my heart hurt.
The Survivor’s Tree was also impactful, thinking about the destruction it withstood and how much it has grown since.
After spending the day in Oklahoma City, we headed to Texas. Stay tuned for more!

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