Birthday Weekend

Today’s my birthday. And it’s such a weird one. 30. I feel a little lost. Part of me wants to kick it off with a big, wild night out, and the new mom side of me just wants to be at home with my baby cuddling. I feel so torn sometimes- I guess between the person I used to be and the person I am now. Just figuring it all out.

Friday, Hubbs and I had a lunch date at Houlihans. Ps. If you sign up for their email list, you get a free birthday meal. Can’t beat that!

I had a house salad with ranch. My absolute favorite salad!


And scallops for my main course.
Then we hit up the car wash to wash away all the nasty salt from the winter weather.
And my bestie send me flowers- that was a lovely surprise. They are gorgeous!
Friday- Baby Girl turned 3 months old!! So crazy! And she started holding her head up on her own this weekend.
Saturday, Hubbs and Baby Girl took me out to brunch and shopping at Target. Perfect Saturday! We ate at the Aviary. I started off with a delicious grapefruit mimosa.
And then I had the Aux Nutella crepe. Totally healthy… right?? Oh well- it’s my birthday!!
And, one of my favorites in town, Pineapple Whip was in the middle of their Winter Solstice – where they are open for one weekend during the off season, so of course we had to do that! Notice the blanket on the hula girl? Makes me laugh every time!
And I ended the weekend with a little too much of this amazingness… Can’t wait to finish off the rest of it tonight. I first had grapefruit rose under the Eifferl Tower in Paris, so I was super excited to find some here! Such good memories!
Not too shabby of a start to 30!

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