Cozy Weekend

All I want to do every second of every day is this….
So that’s what most of the weekend consisted of- soaking up snuggles from my baby girl. Plus this snowy, cold weather makes it a must!
We did get out Saturday morning- headed to Common Grounds for coffee with the besties. Perfect start to the weekend! Photo credit to Sarah since I had a baby in my arms. 🙂
Then. Saturday night we went to Red Lobster for family date night. We normally don’t eat at chain restaurants like this, but we received a gift card for Christmas. I have to say, their food isn’t as good as I remember. The coconut shrimp was pretty good- but the rest was pretty mediocre.
Sunday was weird, not watching the Vikings. Football season went by way too quickly this year. And now it’s Monday and back to work- trying to get the new routine down.
Stay tuned for lots of travel posts this year. We’ve made some big changes that are allowing Hubbs and Babygirl to come along with me on nearly every trip. I’m so excited to have travel buddies! We’re kicking off travel season at the end of January by heading to Dallas. And things get crazy from there- we’ll be on the road every other week. Should be interesting with a 4 month old! I can’t wait!

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