Family Date Night

After a week at home with baby girl, I was getting a little stir crazy, so Hubbs suggested we go out for dinner Saturday night- and I jumped at the chance!
The weather was gorgeous- so we headed out a little early, right before sunset, to walk around Sequiota Park. Crazy side note- there was a shooting there just an hour after we left. And this is in the nice part of town. Crazy- what is Springfield coming to?
Baby girl did great in the wrap. I love having her close to me and being able to get out and about like this!
After our trip to the park, we went to Great American Taco Company for dinner. Baby girl slept the entire time. She’s too good to us. Great American Taco Company is the last place I ate before I found out I was pregnant- my bestie and I stopped there on a girl’s night. Good memories.
We started with queso and tried a few different salsas. Their tacos are huge, but thankfully they have mini sizes now. So I had two small tacos- Hawaiian Tuna and Vegetarian. They were delicious! Hubbs had the Smothered Beef and Bean Burrito. I snagged a few bites, and it was tasty too.
Such a fun night- and a great first family date out with my new little family. I’m so excited for all of our future outings to come!



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