Baby Girl’s Nursery

Here it is! The nursery is finally done!!
I really didn’t have much of a theme going into the nursery. We played around with woodland creatures but didn’t want anything overpowering. We chose to paint the walls a light grey so that it was neutral and could easily be re-purposed. Please note this room has been bright pink with brown polka dots and then a bright teal. Hubbs refuses to paint it ever again. Can’t say I blame him!
The crib is from Target. The fox mobile was made by our dearest friend Danielle. The puppy dogs in her crib were both given to me my first year of college by my little brother and by my husband. Baby girl already has tubs full of toys to play with and blankets to snuggle.
My husband wanted a comfy chair, so we went with a brown leather La-Z-Boy. The pillow cover is from H&M, and the rug- which is one of my favorite things in the nursery- is from Marshall’s. The pink curtains are from, I believe, JcPenney. They were in my bedroom when I was in high school. So glad I hung onto them!
The changing table is a dresser from Target. I am super excited about the salt lamp too. And there’s a cute red fox that we found at Marshall’s next to it.
I didn’t want to hang anything on the wall too close to where baby girl will be, so all the pictures are on one wall. The one on the far left is from Marshall’s. It says, “We Made A Wish And You Came True.”
The middle picture is a beagle puppy. It was painted by my aunt when she was in high school. My grandpa hung it in the playhouse he made me when I was 2. Sadly, we sold the playhouse when I moved in middle school, but we took the painting out of it. I’m so glad I saved this as well.
The picture on the far right is from Target- “You Are My Greatest Adventure.” My husband and I bought it when we first decided we wanted to have kids. I’ve been holding onto it for a few years now and am so glad it finally has a home.
The pink trunk was one my dad made me in high school. If you remember from the baby shower, he repainted it for us to put in baby girl’s room. On it are various stuffed animals she’s been given as well as books from our vacation travels that we’ve been buying her (Munich, Prague, Budapest, New York, etc).
I really love how her room turned out. The pictures don’t really capture the colors as well as I had hoped. Super excited to finally have baby girl in here to enjoy it with us! She’ll be here before we know it! I’m so excited!!

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