Staycation Eats

Saturday night, we hit the town for dinner. I have to say, it was nice leaving from our central hotel instead of our house that’s a little bit outside of town. Makes me want to move! We started at Barley, Wheat, and Rye. They were closed for a little bit wrapping up a private party, so we walked out to the community garden behind it. There’s this neat little pavilion that you can sit in. And the cloud makes it rain on a tin roof. Very relaxing!
Then, we enjoyed a cheese and meat plate (and drinks for Hubbs) at Barley, Wheat, and Rye. The weather was gorgeous so we watched the sunset from the patio.
I love this place. It feels like a grandfather’s study and is just cozy and relaxing.
We wanted wait for a happy hour to start, so we decided to skip to dessert first. Hello, Pumpkin Pie Concrete from Andy’s. Man, I love these!! I think I’m a custard girl more than ice cream.
Then, we headed downtown to Kai for dinner. Ps. Their website lies. There is no happy hour at 9 pm on a Saturday. That was a little frustrating, but hey- I got sushi, so I was still happy.
We always get the Miami Vice. Sex and the City is a staple too. We tried a new one that came out on fire, that was a fun surprise. Overall, tasty- even if it wasn’t at happy hour prices. And. I think this stop at Kai completes our list of favorite restaurants that we wanted to eat at before baby comes. So crazy!! Great last big date night in the books before parenthood. Here we go!! The waiting officially begins.

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