More on BPD…

Today, I stumbled across these six issues, and it describes my childhood so precisely that it’s scary. Just thought I’d share…

Mason and Kreger (2010, as cited in Neuman 2012) list six issues frequently associated with BPD parenting:
1.      Difficulty separating relationships with their children from problems with others – BPD parents may not be able to allow their children to have positive relationships with people that the BPD parents dislikes (such as between separated parents).

2.      Inconsistent parenting – BPD parents may treat their children in inconsistent ways (i.e. over-involvement vs. neglect)

3.      Unpredictable love – BPD parents may have difficulty providing children with a consistent feeling of being loved.

4.      Feeling threatened by a child’s normal behavior – BPD parents may have difficulty allowing children to be angry with them without retaliating, or allowing their children to indivuate without feeling abandoned.

5.      Inability to love unconditionally – BPD parents may withdraw love when their children do not obey, or when their children express anger or disappointment with them.

6.      Feeling threatened by a child’s feelings and opinions – BPD parents may defend their fragile sense of self by punishing their children for expressing thoughts, feelings, and opinions that they do not like.

And honestly, searching quotes on Pinterest keeps me sane when I’m going through something tough. 
Here are a few that have touch on what I’m dealing with and how I’m feeling.


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