Thursday Night Date Night

As a little early anniversary celebration and a splurge in advance of the coming baby, we had special plans for a Thursday night date night!

We had dinner at Bruno’s, an Italian restaurant downtown. I scarfed down this bread and oil WAY too fast! It was soft and delicious!


I had the mushroom and veal ravioli. It was good but so darn salty. It was a little hard to eat.
After dinner, we still had some time to kill before the show, so we stopped by Civil Kitchen for some drinks…. or homemade raspberry lemon soda in my case.
We were walking up the stairs to the bar above the restaurant and saw this sign. I thought it was perfect. We are about to embark on a new adventure very soon, and we couldn’t be more excited!!
The view and sunset was beautiful. It was the perfect, peaceful night downtown.
And then, we made our way to the show! Lewis Black’s Naked Truth Tour at Gillioz. We had to wait in line forever, the line was backed up all the way back to the square- which is crazy. Must have been because of security… which I’m glad they ended up having!
I was surprised at the wide range of ages at the show. A few people our age, then a lot of older adults- grandparent age. Surprised me. Lewis Black is like a grumpy old man. But so blunt, honest, and raunchy- I loved it. Definitely our style of humor. Unfortunately, not everyone’s. Of course he went into a Trump tirade and there were some people that just couldn’t handle it. The crowd went a little bit crazy at one point, harassing each other, and a big group got up and left. I was a little worried things might escalate, but everyone calmed back down and the show continued. Just made me nervous for a little bit!
It was a great night, good dinner, hilarious show- I’m so glad Lewis Black came to town and that we were able to see the show!

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