Touch! And More!

After the thunderstorms rolled through, we headed out to Touch for dinner. This is another one of those places that’s not downtown that I tend to forget just how much I love.
We started off with the Scottish Salmon and Alaskan King Crab Dip. I loved the kale on top- made me feel a little bit healthy. 🙂 I’m a sucker for any kind of seafood dip, and this hit the spot!
Hubbs ordered some oysters from the oyster bar. He wouldn’t let me touch them. This pregnancy thing is starting to get real old… kidding…. kind of…
We also ordered the Mediterranean Dip. The feta was a little strong for me, so I just picked out the chickpeas… which also made me feel slightly healthy.
We also ordered the Steak Tartare. Again, this was mainly the Hubbs, but I stole a few small bites, and it was amazing. I like Tuna Tartare but this was way better!
And, of course, all that food didn’t fill me up- so we stopped at Dairy Queen for dessert on the way home. I had to make sure to get a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard before they were gone. This hit the spot- give me all the pumpkin!
Saturday morning, Hubbs and I met up with the bestie at the Alzheimer’s Walk. I’ve seen the pain that this disease can cause, and I definitely make an effort to show support every year. This year, the two mile walk was more of a waddle, but I’m glad I was still able to participate! Can’t wait to be there next year with baby girl in tow!
Saturday afternoon was the AMAZING baby shower that my friends threw for me. I can’t express how special and loved they made us feel. Once I get all the photos, there will be a dedicated post, so stay tuned! I’m so thankful for all the hard work our friends put into it and that we even had friends come in from out of state. Means so much!!
Sunday, we stopped by Gailey’s for breakfast. I needed the basics and devoured all of my food. Oh, what pregnancy does! I needed the fuel because then we hit Target- HARD. We finished up everything from our registry, and now we have almost everything we need for baby girl. This week will be spent organizing everything in the nursery!
I collapsed on the couch when we got home. Snoopy was feeling extra snuggly and sleepy too after the weekend company. I’d like to think he wanted to snuggle with his little sister, but I think he’s still clueless.
And then we wrapped up an already amazing weekend with the stadium opener Vikings vs Packers game. Oh man, we had talked about going to this game- and I wish we had- but being there in person probably would have put me into labor. I spent most of the game hiding nervously under my blanket. I am still in shock that we won! I think we’re in for quite a season!!
Whatever it takes, right?
Another busy week ahead- doctor’s appointments, hospital tour, and nesting to the max. Happy Monday!

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