Family Shower

On Saturday, my mom’s side of the family threw me a lovely little baby shower. I’m so lucky to have friends and family that love us and baby girl so much.
I mean, look at all these gifts! But the one that really touched my heart was the little white bag with Snoopy’s name on it. I love that my aunt brought a gift just for Snoopy as well.
This shower was at a local library. It’s the same library that I used to go to when I was really little. It was neat to go to the children’s section and remember back to some of my earliest memories being there. It’s like my life has come full circle.
I loved the baby’s breath and burlap/lace table runners. They totally nailed my style with this shower!
And those puffs were neat. I ended up bringing some home to try and hang in the nursery, I’m hoping they will catch baby girl’s eye and amuse her.
My aunt and cousin-in-law made the cakes. They were so delicious and pretty! It’s hard to tell but they were ombre roses in a few shades of pink. So pretty!
My mom stayed with us after the shower so we took her to breakfast at the Aviary for crepes. Hello, nutella!! I’ve been wanting one of these since the last time I went to the Aviary!
And then, I came back to my desk to find these at work Monday. What a great start to the week! Flowers from my dad just to say he was thinking of me!
Thankfully, I have great people in my life like my Dad and Hubby. It was a frustrating week at work- just the normal grind, but I think hormones made me a little more rage-y than normal, so Hubbs tried to cheer me up one day. Ice cream is always the way to my heart.
I’m ready for the weekend! Date night tonight, friend baby shower tomorrow, hanging out with some company from out of town, Vikings football, and who knows what else! Happy Friday!



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