Work Baby Shower and the Week

We are in the middle of baby shower season over here. And I realized I forgot to post about the awesome work shower we had last week. My husband and I both work at the same company, so our departments got together and threw us a little shower over lunch one day.
They nailed the theme! The cutest woodland creatures!
And that cake was the highlight. It was from Julie’s Chewies, and my department spent the rest of the week savoring each piece!
The little cutie oranges had faces drawn on them to look like jack-o-lanterns. So cute!!
We are so thankful to have such great co-workers. They made us and our little girl feel so loved!
After all the cake last week, I had to make an effort to get to the gym. Needless to say, this exercise ball is totally my jam right now! Hubbs even bought me one so I can sit on it at home. It relieves some of the pressure I’ve been feeling in my hips. Seems like baby is getting ready to go!
After our work shower, we got all excited and ¬†put together our crib. I thought the dresser was hard. Nope. We put this sucker together wrong twice! We had to take a break in the middle to stop and get dinner because we were so frustrated. But, finally- it is done!! So excited to see baby girl’s room come together. Hopefully I’ll post about the entire room in the coming weeks.
Side note- we will remove the puppy dog from her crib. But it was a gift from the first Christmas Ben and I had when we were dating. How sweet! Love that it’s in our girl’s room now.

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