Friday Night Fun!

We are officially counting down our final date nights (for awhile) in anticipation of the big life change coming up in the next month and a half! So for this date night, we started out at the Red Room in Flame downtown.
Red Room has some great happy hour deals! From 4-6, drinks are half off, and they have some good appetizers too. I have been thinking about their calamari since the last time we went back in the spring. When we went that time, they had calamari rods- that I have yet to find anywhere else! Sadly, this time they served regular calamari. I was a little disappointed, but it was still delicious. And I just love the intimate atmosphere of Red Room.
We worked off our appetizers by doing some shopping. I found this guy at Marshall’s and couldn’t resist!
After Marshall’s, we ended up at Ocean Zen for dinner. I always forget about this place for some reason, but it is another big favorite in Springfield. I ordered a side of the lobster mac and cheese. Delicious!
And then, of course, sushi. I would eat sushi every night if I could. Hubbs had the orange chicken, and it was also delicious! We had a great time just hanging out in a comfy booth, enjoying each other, and relaxing. Great date night!!

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