Welcome to My House

I wish I had some taken before photos to compare, but things got so hectic- that I forgot. Plus it would have been hard to tell anyways.
So, these changes have been in the works for years. We moved into our house 6 1/2 years ago, and I’ve wanted to replace the carpet the entire time. I literally hated our old carpet. It was very light, showed every string, stain, and piece of dirt. And it just wasn’t comfy. Well, we finally got around to replacing the carpet and then we decided to get new furniture as well! And then since everything was being rearranged, the fall decorations went up too!
So the tour starts in the dining room. I like to think our style is rustic chic, at least in this room.
These potato sacks are one of my favorite decorations in the house. I bought them off of eBay years ago and love the blues and reds. The candle holder was a find at a local antique store. Normally, I would think pieces like this are hideous- but this one just works.
This is the fireplace in our living room. We’re not huge fans of the tile, but that’s a change that’s been way down on the list.
We like to keep memetos from our travels on the mantle. You can spot the Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Golden Gate Bridge, etc. And the yellow candles have become so sentimental that we can’t burn them or get rid of them. We bought them when we hosted our first big Thanksgiving dinner right after we got engaged.
This antique sewing machine used to belong to my great great grandmother. My dad refinished it for my mom when they were first married. I made the bookpage wreath when we first moved into the house. The typewriter is from my husband’s grandfather. And the lamp was given to us by a previous boss in Minneapolis. We love filling our house with sentimental items and reusing things when we can.
Here is the view of our living room with our new sectional! It seemed to dominate the room at first, but we love it. We are huge snuggle bugs, so having tons of options to spread out and get comfy is huge to us.
Another wall that I love in our house is this one. The living room has two accent walls that we’ve painted a light brown in contrast to the golden beige color. The framed building art is from a random date my husband took me on in the first few months we were dating. He called Foshay Tower in Minneapolis to see if we could get a tour. Unfortunately, they had just closed for renovations. My husband made up this story about how we were visiting from out of town, so a security guard said he would take us up in the tower for $20 on his lunch hour. I still laugh about this- oh the things you will do to impress a girl. I guess it worked!
And of course, Snoopy had to crash this photo. You can see his bed and his rarely touched basket of toys on either side of the tv.
Here is our wine rack from Pier One. I can’t wait to dig into that wine again! It’s barely been touched the last 8 months!
Now, into our bedroom! Hubbs was working in here, so there aren’t many pics of the full room. This is one of our new dressers. We also have a tall dresser and two matching end tables on either side of our bed. I love the canvas below the rainy France picture. It says “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is your future. Today is your life. Live it.” A good reminder to stay in the moment and enjoy it!
Here is my night stand. A nice little photo that my husband made me for one of our anniversaries, a coaster for my water bottle, a plate for jewelry, etc. And another bed for Snoopy off to the side. Dog likes to be comfy, what can I say?
And that’s pretty much it for now. We are starting to tackle the nursery now, so I’ll post about it when it’s all put together. Hope you enjoyed this peek into my life!

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