We kicked off the day with Congdon’s Donuts. Holy cow were they good! I would prefer these over Hurts any day!
We took our donuts to the road and headed to South Portland where we had massages booked at Harmonic Energy. Can’t beat a good massage- plus we found a Groupon so it only ended up being $35 for an hour. Killer deal!
After the spa, we took the 1 down and hit the coastal towns. Old Orchard Beach was fun. Reminded me of Atlantic City with the pier and amusement park. I was also surprised how hot it was there!
We continued on to Kennebunkport. I think this town was one of my favorites!
We ate lunch at Alisson’s. The sandwich with crab, bacon, avocado, lettuce, and tomato hit the spot. The sweet potatoe fries were delicious too!


We made it back to Ogunquit and hit the beach. Thankfully, it was 4 so we got free parking. The beach was great but the breeze was chilly so I ended up wrapped in my towel the whole time. I also realized the beach is not so comfortable when you have a big pregnant belly. It’s impossible to lay out on a towel! Bummer.
After the beach, we cleaned up and stopped at Cornerstone Artisinal Pizza. The kale salad was good!
And the margherita pizza as you can tell! We couldn’t wait to drive in!
We strolled through the shops after dinner before grabbing some dessert and taking it back to the room. I’m pretty sure this stuff is a pregnant lady’s dream come true!
Wonderful day with more adventures to come!



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