Stuck in ORD…

Started my day at the airport…

Trying to get to Boston for work. Flew through Chicago- mistake! Normally I fly through Dallas..and definitely wish I had this time.

Got into Chicago and my flight was cancelled, so I got booked on a flight a few hours later..
Which then was delayed two hours because of a crew delay. Kill me.
I had been wanting lo mein… So I had this for dinner. Which did end up trying to kill me later that night…
I felt gross after so hunted down some veggies.
Finally ended up on the plane around 9 pm and landed in Boston after midnight. Not the best travel day by far!
By the time I arrived, I was so tired… I didn’t even care if I was in NYC, I just wanted a hotel. But I made it to Boston in one piece- just a long, crazy day!



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