Weekend Update

Holy cow things have been busy lately! I’m currently stuck in Chicago- my flight to Boston was cancelled, so I figured it might be a good time to update!

Friday night, we hit up Missouri Spirits for some apps and drinks.
The trout dip was so good and the hummus too!
We walked around downtown and caught part of the Rte 66 Days parade. We saw cotton candy, which reminded me of the gender announcement I originally wanted to post. And since we never posted the gender on social media, we jumped on the perfect situation.
After our fun little photo shoot downtown, we drove around for a little bit before finally ending the night at Black Sheep. I don’t have any pics, but we tried out the south side location- we were able to walk right in instead of waiting for over an hour at the downtown location. Love!!
Saturday, we tackled car shopping. Not fun! We wanted an suv for baby and decided to shop around. After four dealerships, 3 hours in the car, and 3 test drives- we found one!! I did some negotiating and feel like we got a decent deal.
Our first new car! We really feel like adults now!
Sunday, we relaxed a little before packing up some stuff in the house to prep for new carpet next week. Then we took a little roadtrip to Branson to pick up a recliner for the nursery.
Now, I am headed to Boston for a few days of work and a girls trip to Maine! Hate being away from Hubbs but it should be a fun week!
Stay tuned for more posts!

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