Home Alone!!

Husband went camping this weekend, and I was home by myself for the first time in literally three years. I think I’ve only been alone in our house a handful of times. What to do with myself? I definitely soaked it all in- enjoying the quiet moments now before life totally changes in October!
I wanted to do some shopping, so I headed out late Friday night to avoid the tax free weekend crowds. I found gelato on sale at Target… it was bad. I stood in front the case forever trying to decide- so I bought two! Coconut Almond Chocolate and a Hazelnut Chocolate Chip. I polished off this tub over the weekend and still have yet to break into the Hazelnut. Talk about control!
Saturday morning, I had a lovely breakfast of Oat & Wildflower Honey granola and vanilla yogurt. I also dug out some Hazelnut coffee that definitely hit the spot.
Friday night was a total bust for shopping, so I headed to TJ Maxx early Saturday morning. I did some definite damage there.
Then, I met up with one of my besties for brunch at Aviary. I had the Pomme Frites Poutine. Delicious! After that, we went to see Bad Moms- mainly because of a JJ Watt appearance- but it was a really funny movie! Gave me some good thoughts about not trying to be the mom everyone else wants me to be, but being the mom I want to be- and being sure to take care of myself too!
Also- I found this on Saturday. It may be a little early, but I’m excited for all things pumpkin now!! Bring on the cool weather!
I spent Saturday night cleaning up some baby gear that we’ve gotten from friends.
And on Sunday, our painter came to paint the nursery! Finally! This was the old color. While I did love that teal, I’m excited for the refresh. We went with a light gray. Can’t wait to show you more photos when we finally get everything settled!
Looking forward to Bachelor in Paradise this week and a relaxing weekend at home before heading out next Monday to Boston for work and then a little road trip/girls trip to Maine!!

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