Last Week Today

It’s been a weird week, and I totally slacked on posting.
Friday night, we headed downtown for date night. Not sure how long these have been here but noticed some new sculptures around the area. Not too shabby, Springtown!
We ended up at Civil Kitchen for dinner. We like eating upstairs in the bar area because it’s pretty quiet and James Bond theme. They have James Bond movies playing silently along with the soundtracks playing softly. It’s a neat atmosphere.
Funny note, it’s the last place we went on a date before we found out we were having a baby. So it was fun to be back! And I found out they have house made sodas. This one was raspberry lemon, and it was delicious!
I had the chicken sandwich with onion rings. Super tasty!
It was a gorgeous night out- the heat finally tamed down a little bit. The square wasn’t too creepy- just some families playing Pokemon Go, so we found this little table and just sat for a little bit soaking in the weather.
We also stopped by Trops. So sad that I have to go a whole summer without drinking there, but had to make sure Hubbs got some in! We sat outside on the rooftop and just relaxed,
After he finished his drink, and I finished my water… we headed to Maes for a “drink” for me. If I can’t drink, those calories are going straight to dessert! I love gelato- more so than ice cream. So I’m super excited we finally have a decent gelato place in town again. I got the amaretto and a coconut chocolate one too. So good!
Saturday, my cousin got married! It was a beautiful, relaxed, and simple wedding. I had a blast hanging out with family and enjoying more good weather. They really lucked out for having an outdoors wedding in July!
Sunday, we didn’t do much- just relaxed.
We did squeeze in a quick walk before it started raining.
And a mango on the back porch!
Snapped this fun silhouette the other day. Baby is growing like crazy! I can’t believe she’ll be here before I know it!
Hubbs is leaving for a camping trip tomorrow, so I’m alone all weekend. Interested to see what kind of trouble I get myself in! So far shopping and a brunch/movie date with the best friend are on the books. Should be a good one!

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