Life Lesson

Don’t shop for couches in your 3rd trimester
Friday night was date night. It was so nice to be back home with Hubbs after a long week in Houston! And the weather here felt downright amazing after the nasty, humid heat there. We finally made it over to Tea Bar and Bites for dinner. We’ve been talking about going for over a year now!
We even sat out on the patio, right in front of the fan of course! And listened to some live music. Hello, strawberry lemonade!
Their hummus was delicious!
And even though it was hot, I got a a panini with cheese, tomatoes, and other delicious stuff. It was super good!
Saturday morning, we kicked off the day by finalizing the new carpet for our house. I’ve been waiting literally since we moved in 6 years ago to replace all the carpet. Three more weeks to go. I am ecstatic. We asked Snoopy to choose which carpet he preferred, since he’d be spending the most time on it. He wasn’t every helpful.
And then, we just decided to get all crazy and order the new furniture that we were planning to purchase after the carpet is installed. The carpet company is moving all the furniture for us- so we decided that it doesn’t matter if we get a ton of new furniture now or later. 🙂
I also found out that couch shopping is not a good idea in your third trimester. Poor Hubbs had to help me up off every single couch. It was quite the workout. We had to split it into two days of shopping because I was so worn out! But we finally found a sectional that works for what we want!
And then we just said the heck with it and bought a new bedroom set too. We finally have real, grown up furniture! Honestly, by this point, I was so tired- that I let Hubbs pick whatever he wanted. I don’t care- just get me a dresser to put my clothes in! And it came with a free bedding set. Not too shabby!
Sunday night, Hubbs made me a steak dinner to celebrate the new furniture. We realized all of this food was organic and straight from my dad’s garden or deer woods. 🙂 I love fresh food! Thankful for our endless supply of venison!
And I have to say, after being gone all last week, I was super excited to hit the gym Monday. I worked out a little bit while in Houston, but it really felt like I hadn’t done much. I was even able to squeeze in a little running- which made me feel really good. Hello, third trimester! Here we go!
Now to the rest of the week!



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