Houston- Part 2

Monday night, I headed out to a work dinner at Vic and Anthony’s Steakhouse. The food was delicious- mainly this cheesecake. Absolute heaven!!
Wednesday was a busy day full of meetings, but I got a nice little break for lunch and headed down to explore the tunnels of Houston.
It reminded me of the skyways of Minneapolis from college- but below ground to avoid heat instead of cold!
I ended up grabbing some Ben and Jerry’s before a quick nap in my room.
And how am I supposed to nap when Gilmore Girls is on?!? My absolute favorite show!
After more afternoon meetings, I headed out on the town for a night with the girls. I am so thankful to work in a tight nit industry where I see the same people every time I travel. We have all become close friends, and I can’t imagine life without the support of some of these awesome people! Makes my job that much better.
I don’t post many pictures of myself, but I totally felt like I was rocking the baby bump this week and snapped a selfie.
We ended up at Javier’s for dinner. One of the waiters stopped by our table and offered to make me a mocktail. I could have hugged him! This was the best drink! I’m not even sure what it was but it just felt great to have someone notice and make an effort like that!
We ate out on the patio. There was a nice breeze, and it was the perfect evening
After dinner, we walked to Underbelly for dessert.
Their ice cream sammy was delicious!
As was this little pie!
It was definitely a wonderful last night in Houston, but I’m so ready to be home with the boys!!

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