Funky Fourth

The Fourth of July is my absolute favorite holiday, but this one was just a little bit off. I came down with a horrible cold on Friday, so I spent most of the weekend taking it easy. Thankfully, the weather was super rainy, so I didn’t feel too bad about being a bum inside.
Plus I got some nice snuggles from my furbaby.
And- I have the bestest friends. Danielle found out I wasn’t feeling well and brought me a cinnamon roll Saturday morning. Seriously- the best!! It made my day.
Celebrated a friend’s birthday on Saturday night at El Maguey and chilled at her house afterwards. I still wasn’t feeling very good and didn’t even think to take pictures.
Sunday, I rested then finally pulled it together to head to my family’s Fourth of July get together. My most favorite one of the whole year!! We stopped to buy some fireworks- we were going to set off pink or blue smoke bombs to reveal the gender of our baby to the family.
And this is what happened…. Apparently the color of the smoke bomb didn’t work quite right. Not sure what white means? Are we having a transgender baby? πŸ™‚
Monday, we met up with my mom for lunch at Black Sheep. I didn’t think you needed ANOTHER picture of the same burger I get every single time. πŸ™‚ Then, we took a little road trip to Mansfield, MO to visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder home and museum.
I’ve been here a few times throughout childhood because my great grandparents lived in this town. I was really excited to see the new museum! So beautiful!
And we walked up the new path to the house. I seriously love this place.
And then we drove out to my most favorite part- the Rose Wilder house. I would die to have a little rock house like this one!
Monday night, we chilled out at home and tried to recuperate. We got all our food set for the Bachelor- caprese salad and shrimp cocktail. Then, 7 minutes into the show, we realized it was a rerun. Bummer!!
So- we switched back to more Office! πŸ™‚
We wrapped up the night with a bowl of ice cream out on the back porch watching all the amazing fireworks in our neighborhood. We go all out here in Missouri. There were at least 5 different neighbors around us shooting off big fireworks- it didn’t die down until almost midnight. It was so much fun to watch them all- even if it did terrify poor Snoopy. And the weather ended up clearing off too. It was a great end to the weekend!

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